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Grand Prairie Rekey


If you don’t fancy having your locks changed entirely, then did you know Grand Prairie locksmith, Texas, team of locksmiths can also rekey locks? Having a locksmith rekey your locks is a simpler process than replacing the whole lock and getting an entire new set of keys. This is because the rekeying process simply amends your lock so that only your new key, and not your previous keys, will work in it. Think of a rekey service like a facelift for key locks, rather than the whole change.

Rekeying your locks at home

As part of our rekey service for residential properties, we offer a wide range of services depending on your own requirements. Since rekeying a lock is easier for you than replacing an entire lock, what you need done is entirely your choice. Grand Prairie locksmith, Texas, is able to re key home locks, making the keys that you had for them to begin with unable to continue working.

Fitting rekeyable door locks will necessitate us having to make new key for your doors or windows each time the configuration of the lock is changed. This is because, as mentioned, older keys that fit the previous configuration will no longer work in the lock. This service, performed by our brilliant team of locksmiths, will mean that your old keys will no longer work, so a new one will be needed. As part of this service, we can also extract broken key from within your lock, allowing your doors to lock again safely.

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Rekeyable locks for your car and other vehicle

As we’ve mentioned, changing locks can be something of a hassle and not all home or vehicle owners choose this path as the ideal course of action for them. Fortunately, that’s not the only course of action open to us that our brilliant team of locksmiths can provide when it comes to securing your car and ensuring your vehicle is safe.

Rekeying a car is not necessarily a difficult process, and we can adapt the configuration of the lock to fit a new key so that older ones will no longer fit. This is especially handy if your previous car key has been stolen. Grand Prairie locksmith, Texas, can also rekey car ignition to fit with the new setup and car key, so the stolen key will not work in there, either. Couple this with the auto locks rekeying, and your car is returned to a good state of security. Although you may be put off by the cost of rekeying a car, ultimately it’s the safety and security of your vehicle that is the most important thing that you need to consider and our rekey service can do just that.

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Commercial lock rekey service

For some places of business, spending the time and money to have every lock replaced just isn’t feasible. Not only would it take up quite a lot of time, but the noise caused could distract workers and clients alike. Office door rekeying is the perfect middle way point for people in this situation. Rekeying ensures that the office remains safe, while not taking up too much time or making a lot of noise when people are trying to get their work done. Grand Prairie locksmith, Texas, can even make original keys to go along with the newly configured locks for those employees and office managers that need them.

Re-keying all locks is possible if it needs to be done, however we can also simply rekey one or two locks if this is all you need. Perhaps the front and back entrance, rather than all internal doors, as well. Whatever suits you, we can do this. If you are still considering taking it one step further and having the install new locks, then we can take care of this for you, too!

Finally, if you require a master lock rekey for your main door on the premises, then our great team of locksmiths can do this for you. Just give us a call and we can give you all the advice you need.

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